Memory gauge PPS Pioneer Petrotech Service Inc. ( Canada )

PPS gauges in Ukraine
Promistal offers measuring instruments for geophysical exploration and control of drilling and extraction equipment. On this page you are offered to buy depth gauges in Ukraine, issued by Pioneer Petrotech Services Inc. Our company will provide deliveries to Lviv and other cities of the country.

About the manufacturer
The PPS manufacturer is originally from Canada. It has been operating since 1999, being one of the world leaders in the production of sensors and control systems for wells today. The reason for the popularity is the innovations regularly introduced by the organization into its equipment, as well as the stable quality. All products comply with ISO 9001. It is used in Canada, USA, European countries. Now this product is also available in Ukraine.

Overview of PPS pressure gauges for downhole equipment
In the catalog you will find over 18 different items. At the moment, they are all available for order through our company.

PPS25 – stand-alone pressure gauges. The basis is a silicone sapphire sensor. Power is received from the battery, designed for 1 year of service;
PPS25XM is a model designed for use in harsh environments. The sensor is hidden in an airtight case;
PPS26 is a cable variation of a helix pressure gauge used for downhole. Used for real-time temperature and pressure determination;
PPS27 – borehole pressure gauge designed to monitor reservoir performance;
PPS27XM is a system used to operate at temperatures up to 300 ° C. Connects to the surface unit. The design includes a thermocouple and pressure sensor, as well as a cable diversion scheme;
PPS28 is an electronic quartz type device. It is one of the most popular in the control of gas and oil wells;
PPS28-200 is similar to the previous model, but is designed to operate at temperatures up to 200 ° C. The pressure limit was also increased by 30 MPa;
PPS31 is a market wellhead pressure gauge. Has built-in memory that can be transmitted to the operator via a radio transmitter in real time;
PPS33 is a modifiable wireless monitoring system. Connects to SCADA remote control or satellite telephony. Controlled via PPS RemoteWatcher;
PPS36 DepthWatcher – equipment for reading depth, speed, cable or cable tension. Consists of a product with an LCD display, allows connection of a computer, record keeping. The device is multi-channel;
PPS51 – Used in places where standard length gauges cannot be used. This is a shortened model. Able to replace basic devices for monitoring pressure gradients and HPC. PD up to 100 MPa;
PPS52 – version with MP 70 MPA and 1/2 “diameter;
PPS55 – pressure gauge for measuring sharp changes during perforation, fracturing, etc .;
PPS58 is a combined option for battery life and cable descent. Connects to the PPS26 surface blog and the PPS SRO application;
PPS62 is a highly sensitive stand-alone pressure gauge with RTD. Purpose – determination of leaks in tubing, casing construction. Logs are encoded in ASCII;
PPS63 – RTD thermometer sensor for instantaneous damage data, mixed flows, etc .;
PPS71 is a stand-alone geothermal model capable of withstanding up to 300 ° C for 6 hours.
PulseLink, ESPLink is a monitoring and control system