Bridge plugs, packers

Packers, bridge plugs for wells
Qualitative components of downhole equipment – a pledge of well-done work, and therefore large profits. Through the section of the store you are offered to buy packers for wells in Ukraine of western production. You will be provided with timely delivery. If necessary, the firm arranges for a stable supply of warehouse.

General description
Packers, bridge plugs are used to seal in an oil or gas column. Its task is to separate layers and seal the annulus.

Service options – are used for repair and various works such as concrete injection;
Production models – are installed on a permanent basis.
Product range
There are 7 categories of packers on sale. Look at them:

Chemical (X) – products that work when mixing components;
Mechanical (M) – with bypasses, anchors, cable gland, mouth, etc. For deformation requires physical impact;
Hydraulic (D) – use fluid;
Pneumatic (P) – models that use air equipment;
Hydromechanical (GM) – suitable for unpaved columns for the purpose of separation. Pressure increases with water, distortion with the use of mechanics;
Mechanical-hydraulic (MG) – similar to the previous version, only the functions of forces are reversed.
The product is classified according to various factors. Look at them in more detail:

By type of component loading:

compressed from external pressure;
inflate on your own;
squeeze due to elasticity.
According to the seal material:

Rubber (P);
Metal (M);
Fluoroplast (F).
By type of emphasis:

The introduction is performed through the shank;
Slaughter with the help of a slip grip per pipe;
Insertion using a pinch grip and end face.
by the method of immersion in the well:

T – with a pipe;
Up – with cable.
By removal method:

And – mining;
P – Destructible;
With – remove.
Check with our managers for more details. If you do not know which to choose the packer, the bridge plug, then our consultants, who are well versed in the technical features of well construction, will help.

Our advantages
PROMINSTAL directly cooperates with the manufacturers of packers. We understand that counterfeit goods made of materials of dubious quality are inadmissible in our case. So you won’t get anything like this here. But you can always find a good product from brands from Canada, the US and others. countries.

Timing: Our customers can’t wait because big money is at stake. Therefore, we do not allow delays.

Package prices: They are priced according to the market situation, but we do our best to keep them to a minimum. Call, ask questions, and consider a collaboration option.