FESTO pneumatic and electromechanical components

Festo Pneumatic Automation in Ukraine: prices, delivery, wholesale deliveries

Pneumatic actuators, cylinders, distributors, grips, fittings and dozens of other components for compressed-air machinery are used today in control systems, assembly machines and other equipment. Our company proposes to buy Festo pneumatics in Ukraine. A large list of components in stock.

About the manufacturer

Festo AG is a global supplier of automation systems and customized solutions for engineering, resource extraction, etc.

Festo has over 21,000 employees worldwide;

Festo is more than 300 thousand customers;

Festo is a 61 subsidiary company and more than 250 branches for supplying its customers.

The manufacturer also serves more than 36,000 educational institutions, helping to train professionals in a variety of fields.

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Servo-pneumatic systems: controllers, displacement sensors, distributors, interfaces and cables;

electromechanical actuators: linear, non-drive models, stop variations, electrical modules;

Pneumatic motors: stepper, with built-in controllers, gearboxes, and accessories;

Vacuum equipment: generators, captures under different dimensions, equipped with height compensators, angles, filtration mechanisms. Here are valves and mounting elements;

Pneumatic actuators: there are rod and brushless cylinders, as well as incomplete rotary structures. There are models with guides, products locking and clamping type;

Pneumatic fittings: linear connectors are represented by more than 30 positions. Also available are collet models, pipes, manifolds and accessories such as hoses;

pneumatic islands: standard modules for conventional distributors, universal units, as well as compact variations such as MH1, VTOC, etc.

This is just a rough list of the available Festo Pneumatics, Compressed Air Receivers and more. Also available are shock absorbers, separators and other products.

Reasons to Buy Prominstal

We have been working since 2007 unlike any young company, we will not disappear from the market, we will always provide you with service. Such a long stay in the industry proves that the firm is working well, but more importantly, stable – the product will always come to you, it will be whole and released recently.