Hydraulic valve MOOG

Today Mug can be considered one of the leading brands in the market for hydraulic systems and spare parts for them. The company’s product catalog is very wide and diverse. And one of the most popular parts is to consider a hydraulic servo valve. Such hydraulic valves have found application in modern monitoring drives. For example, in the management of industrial robots, aircraft, sophisticated equipment.

Moog servo valve: reliable and high performance
Hydraulic distributors, or moog valves, provide the transition of a small input electrical signal to a significant hydraulic one. And the combination of high performance of the valves of this manufacturer and its reliability makes it possible to name the servo valve and other hydraulic components as one of the most popular on the market.

The industrial characteristics of the entire range of Moog hydraulic components are exceptionally high. As practice shows, the hydraulic valve of the manufacturer, even under heavy loads, fulfills its tasks and does not require repair throughout its lifetime.