Knife gate valves

Prominstal company proposes to buy gate valves SISTAG AG and others  in Ukraine for their use in any industrial fields: oil refining, pulp , sewage and etc.

The design of the gate valve
In the new model of the sliding device, the lower part of the knife is well polished and due to this, when closed it easily enters the narrow body and under pressure is closed with a gasket, which ensures the tightness of the latch. This property is widely used when working with substances viscous and powdery consistency.

Advantages of a gate valve over other types
The small length of the product can be applied to transport pipelines with a diameter not exceeding 2 meters. The advantages of gate valves can be considered:

durability (even in difficult conditions);
several control options: manual or by means of pneumatic systems, hydraulic and electric drives;
capable of self-purification;
they do not stagnate particles and inclusions;
resistance to harsh environments;
ease of installation;
convenient design.
They produce sliding latches made of low-alloy steel or cast iron, sometimes stainless steel products are found. They can have different types of pipe connections:

place for welding.
After connection to the pipeline, it must be fixed, which is why studs and bolts are used. Interflange gaskets are provided for tight connections.