Hydraulics Bosch Rexroth

BOSCH REXROTH hydraulics in Ukraine

Bosch Rescrot is a company created in 2001 by Mannesmann Rexroth AG and Robert Bosch GmbH. The first in the industrial equipment market since 1890, the second since 1886. Today the company supplies hydraulics to the USA, Australia, the Netherlands and dozens of other developed countries.

Key details:

Number of employees – 33 thousand;
Turnover a year – 5.5 billion euros.
Assortment of goods
Valves: There are several types of products in the catalog. Look at the subgroups:

Control – on sale valve amplifiers, control circuits of axles, pumps, automatics;
Plates and blocks – hydraulic units weighing up to 12 tons. Mounting, intermediate, modular, locking and other parts are available;
Control systems and actuators – here are electro-hydraulic control systems for pressure regulation, fluid flow, and actuators for Sytronix line pumps;
Servo and proportional valves – here are abundant elements of quick action, cartridge and other types;
On and off valves are insulators, directional elements, pressure and flow control devices;
Oil service – on sale cleaning and filtration systems, stationary and portable;
Heat exchangers – modules with built-in coolers already assembled in this category;
Hydraulic units – units, power units, Hägglunds drive machines, clamping components, filter units, etc. are located here;
Batteries – locking units, hydropneumatic tanks and similar products;
Sensors – relays and sensors of air pressure, liquids, float switches, oil gauges and other details.
You can also order engineering tools, configurators, hydraulic distributors, bearings, frequency converters, dispensers, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps and more. One of the main advantages of BOSCH REXROTH is the availability of spare parts that allow you to quickly repair.