Pneumatic vibrators

Pneumatic vibrators Findeva AG  are used to help deposition of residual material on the walls of tanks, bunkers, containers, filters and pipelines.

Pneumatic Wripper Bullet Type K

Wide range of applications for industry, simple structure.

Operating Characteristics:

  • high strength;
  • the rotational speed of 7 300 to 35 000 min-1;
  • centrifugal force from 130 to 4 050 N;
  • reduced air flow;
  • temperature up to 100°C
  • max tempo. 150°C (high temperature version);


  1. Vibration is created by a bullet that rotates through the inserted guides from hardened steel.
  2. Nylon caps on both sides serve as a support for the ball and protect from dust and moisture.
  3. Case with four holes, depending on the application area.

Typical application areas:

  • empty hopper;
  • screening;
  • vibration tables;
  • preventing the layering of the material on the surface of pipes, overpackers;
  • for transportation of loose materials.