Diaphragm pumps for viscous environments

The new Ruby pump line, the Ruby FDA with a brand new design that offers increased pumping potential. The updated design also makes it possible to use other materials on hydraulic parts without compromising pressure efficiency. In addition, it offers even greater efficiency with cost savings
Available in PP, PP + CF, PVDF, ALUMINUM and AISI 316 STAINLESS STEEL forms

• Use in potentially explosive atmospheres
(leading row)
• High efficiency
• Economical air consumption, environmental design
• High pressure / capacity efficiency
• No oil
• New air valve design, fully controlled air passage.
• Easy disassembly and reassembly
• Easy transportation
• New generation two-layer diaphragms
• New generation PTFE diaphragms for continuous operation
• Ability to use in dirty conditions
• Easy change of input orientation (collector) reverse)
• Automatic suction
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